Focused on Formation

Consider "Coming Home"

The Church of the Resurrection and Resurrection School exist to help people encounter Christ in Word and Sacrament, and to share the good news and minister to the least of these. In order to accomplish the Lord's command to "go and make disciples," we are committed to working especially hard with families to help them fulfill their God-given responsibilities to their children. In many cases, the men and women who are parents never received a deep and strong understanding of the faith. We want to help adults grow in their own faith so that they will be able to live in ways that help children learn the faith naturally, like learning our native language. One priority for me as pastor is to create opportunities for adults to get to know Jesus personally, and to grow in their understanding of our beautiful Catholic faith. That's why we provide opportunities such as retreats, the Alpha Course, Bible Studies, and other faith formation activities. Please pray for wisdom as we make plans for further opportunities to have fellowship together and grow in our knowledge and practice of our faith.

Catholic Schools

As pastor, I am pleased that parishes like Resurrection invest heavily to make Catholic schools available and affordable to members of our community. I rejoice that we have a school and that Lansing Catholic is within our parish boundaries. As pastor, I believe strongly in the importance of parishes partnering with parents to help them grow in wisdom and knowledge. As I've said before, some families choose to educate their children at home, which is an admirable choice for those called to do so. As a pastor, I support those families and pray that the Lord would continue to lead them as they discern how the Lord would have them form their children as disciples of Christ. For those who feel overwhelmed by the challenges of home-schooling (which can be quite common), I want Resurrection School to provide a faithful option for them to consider.